Short Stories

Gearstorm: The Mars Blockade (Short Story)

I hope you all have been enjoying the Gearstorm short stories so far. Unfortunately, I’m pretty much out of ICA colony stuff. But there are a few other points in the history that I’d love to visit. Today we’re going back to get a glimpse of what went down in the Sol system after the ICA Vanguard made its desperate launch.

This will be the second-to-last story in the Gearstorm series. But I did promise a grand finale and that’s coming up. The very next post will be about a pivotal and hella-dramatic point in the history of Apollyon. I can’t wait for ya’ll to read it.

But for now, we’ll share a tough moment with the crew of the MSS Duty.

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Gearstorm: What's Cooking? (Short Story)

Today we get to see our fictional ICA colony at around day 500 as a great discovery is revealed to our cast and crew.

But before you click read more, please help us out by visiting the Gearstorm kickstarter page or sharing it’s link around. We’re hoping to strap on the rocket-boosters the game needs to become its best.

If you’re knew to the Gearstorm series, I’d encourage you to start at the beginning with The Last Day at the ICA story.

Anyway, on to the show!

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Gearstorm: We don't believe in reincarnation

I’m glad ya’ll have enjoyed the Gearstorm stories so far. We still have high hopes on the kickstarter and it’s only half-done. Today I have another story for you. This one takes place after Day 1, Reboot Humanity and continues to focus on the oddities and dangers of the ICA colony.

If you are enjoying these shorts, please hop over to the game’s kickstarter page and take a look. Thanks!

Now, on to the fiction!

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Gearstorm: Lore and History

If you’re curious to learn more of Gearstorms’s lore, I’m here today with some links for you.

"Apollyon...what a cruel fate for man's second Eden to be named so. That such a grim name comes from the highest bidder's list is, I find, a most fitting start to its prophecy of our destruction." -Jorg Neuman, Astrophysicist. 2191 AD.

Links inside the post. ^_^

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Gearstorm: The Last Day at the ICA

So, ya’ll remember that video game I was hinting at doing some writing for? Guess what - I can finally talk about it! The game is called Gearstorm and it’s a military sci-fi survival game. If base-building on an alien world infested with space-zombies is your thing, or might be your thing, check out the kickstarter. Also, keep reading cause I’ve got something special down below.

Anyway, Gearstorm is made by my friends over at Iron City Games. They’re a gutsy two-man game dev company and they’ve been inventing new wheels (like Unreal engine terrain generation algorithms) to put on this crazy game for almost five years now. So I really hope they succeed.

But today isn’t just me advertising my friends’ game, I come bearing gifts in the form of free fiction for you all! While working on the lore of the Gearstorm setting, I got all inspired and wrote some fun short-stories set in the world. These helped us get a feel for the game back when it was little more than rag-dolls and zombies.

So, without further adieu, I give you the start - the last day at the ICA.

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Seven Realms of Steel meets IRL: Part 3

The latest installment of Seven Realms is here. We’re back in VR finally and everything old is new again.

Sorry for the wait, Forever Fantasy Online 2 edits took priority over my blog for a while. It’s headed off to the copy editor now. Hooray!

If you are new, please check the Seven Realms of Steel tag, it’ll bring up a nice list of all the back episodes and extra info segments.

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Game Info: Cultivation in The Seven Realms of Steel

As I'm doing the story of the Seven Realms of Steel meets IRL in short stories, there really isn't room to cram in all the details about the actual game's mechanics. So, for those of you asking for more information, I'm happy to oblige with another Game Info segment. This time about ki cultivation as that’s going to be relevant soon.

Regular readers fear not, this information is bonus in that you don't need to know it to get the main story-line (that'd be crappy of me to do). This is all just to enhance the reading experience.

What I can share so far about leveling in The Seven Realms of Steel…

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Seven Realms of Steel meets IRL - Part 2

Part 2 of our story unfolds as the hero visits the house of his former in-game nemesis. Their battle at school created many problems and raised countless questions. “How did we do that?” being the largest of them all.

(Seven Realms of Steel meets IRL is a short story series about two players who find that the combat skills they’ve developed in-game are translating too readily into their real lives — including the possibility of the more magical parts of the game. The story starts here.)

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Game Info: The Seven Realms of Steel

I've been doing world-building for the Seven Realms of Steel in my free time (such as it is). I'd like to write a few more shorts which carry the plot along from the initial post. Since this isn't a full novel, there's not a lot of ways of getting all this info out. Hence this post. 

Please enjoy some facts I about the game The Seven Realms of Steel that I can share so far...

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