Gearstorm: Lore and History

If you’re curious to learn more of Gearstorms’s lore, I’m here today with some links for you.

"Apollyon...what a cruel fate for man's second Eden to be named so. That such a grim name comes from the highest bidder's list is, I find, a most fitting start to its prophecy of our destruction." -Jorg Neuman, Astrophysicist. 2191 AD.

So the main history/story of Gearstorm really starts when mankind’s golden age is destabilized by the discovery of a habitable planet within reasonable intrastellar distance. We’ve an entire wiki page dedicated to the sordid tale of man’s fall from grace.

That page will tell you almost all the backstory and such that the shorts and the campaign of the game are based on. Though, if you want the full and spoiler-loaded version you can visit the hidden true history of the setting. That’ll tell you, oh wait, I can’t say it here. You’ll have to check it for yourself. Let’s just say that the ICA colony is in for some rude discoveries.

Lastly, I’d like to link you to the Lore category on Gearstorm’s wiki. This also has some mild spoilers so you may want to steer clear.

So that’s it for today, just a quick reference guide for the curious among you. Cheers!