Short Stories

Seven Realms of Steel meets IRL: Part 3

The latest installment of Seven Realms is here. We’re back in VR finally and everything old is new again.

Sorry for the wait, Forever Fantasy Online 2 edits took priority over my blog for a while. It’s headed off to the copy editor now. Hooray!

If you are new, please check the Seven Realms of Steel tag, it’ll bring up a nice list of all the back episodes and extra info segments.

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Seven Realms of Steel meets IRL - Part 2

Part 2 of our story unfolds as the hero visits the house of his former in-game nemesis. Their battle at school created many problems and raised countless questions. “How did we do that?” being the largest of them all.

(Seven Realms of Steel meets IRL is a short story series about two players who find that the combat skills they’ve developed in-game are translating too readily into their real lives — including the possibility of the more magical parts of the game. The story starts here.)

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