Book Release

The sequel to Forever Fantasy Online is out today!

It’s here! It’s finally here! Last Bastion, book 2 in the FFO series, is out now in eBook and Audiobook on Amazon. I’m hopping with joy and uncomfortable levels of excitement right now folks. My poor dog is looking at me like I’m a lunatic. ^_^


The first reviews are starting to appear already and things are looking good. The wonderful TS Chan said that Last Bastion has a “Sanderson-esque level of addictiveness”. I’m absolutely floored by such praise!

Also, you can read the whole series for free if you have Kindle Unlimited. Which, by the way, please don’t worry about me if you do. Amazon pays authors on a per-page basis for KU. Someone reading the full FFO2 on Kindle Unlimited actually earns me more than an eBook sale. So it’s guilt-free all around.

I hope you all enjoy Last Bastion. It was a wild ride to write, that’s for sure.