Last Bastion (FFO2) is available for pre-order

It’s time! After many months of hinting, I am proud to announce that the sequel to Forever Fantasy Online is coming out soon! As in April 30th, 2019.

Bonus: It’s a simultaneous release of the ebook and the audio book. (print will follow as always)

You’ll have to stay tuned for sample chapters as those are going up later. ^_~ But, without further adieu, I give you…

aka: FFO2

aka: FFO2

From the back cover…

Bastion was supposed to mean safety. It was supposed to mean a break from fighting for their lives and a chance to talk to someone who might actually know what’s going on. Access to their gold and some beer would have been nice, too.

They got none of those things. When Tina and James arrive in the capital, they find a city on fire in more ways than one. Players and non-players hunt each other in the streets, while the king who controls the city’s all-powerful artifact cowers from the chaos in his castle. Desperate to warn somebody about the Once King’s coming invasion, James wants to try to talk to the king anyway, while Tina just wants to meet the royal portal keepers who might be able to send them home.

It shouldn’t be hard to get an army of the world’s best-geared players through one city, but when they discover that the captain of the Royal Knights has been massacring low-level players in revenge disguised as justice, James and Tina will have to decide what is more important: the lives of their fellow gamers, or the stability of this world’s last great city. Both choices deserve a champion, but with the Once King’s armies closing in, taking the wrong side may doom everyone to an eternity as slaves to the Ghostfire.

Available for Pre-Order on Amazon!