Update: Where has Travis been?

TL;DR - life’s been hard lately. I mean, my flooded basement was #2 on the list of horrible things I’ve been dealing with. Imagine that. Anyway, that’s why the short stories have dried up all of a sudden. I have limited resources right now and writing Forever Fantasy Online takes priority over blogs and social media when my time & energy are tight.

Speaking of FFO - I have some happy updates for everyone on that front.

  • Forever Fantasy Online: Last Bastion (aka FFO2) is finished and off having it’s copy edited. That’s a long process for a long book, so I have my hopes on a Spring 2019 release. Stay tuned for a cover reveal early next year.

  • Forever Fantasy Online: Spoilers (aka. FFO3) is half-way through it’s first draft and oh boy do I want to tweet about it so badly.

  • Forever Fantasy Online (1) is getting a new cover. So the print edition that’s currently available is going to become a rare as it’s cover will be replaced too.

Since FFO is a three book series, I’ll be moving on once it’s done. As I’ve been apprenticing under Rachel Aaron for FFO, the next series I do will be published under just my name as I attempt to fly solo (she’ll still be my editor. Thanks love!).

As to what that series will be about…well there’s a lot it could be. I’m talking to a game studio about writing a tie-in novel for their upcoming game, but that’s the most I can say about that for now. If it doesn’t work out, NP, I’ve a lot of fun ideas to choose from for the next.

The short stories will resume eventually…say after Christmas or so. It depends on life haha. I do intend to finish the Seven Realms of Steel series btw. I wanted it to be a 6-part series when I started and I’m gonna try to hold myself to that.

That’s it from the Travis-front. Happy Holidays everyone!