Reviews: Forever Fantasy Online

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"...I thoroughly enjoyed reading FFO as Aaron/Bach have crafted an engaging story with excellent character development.  It is also a pretty fast-paced narrative which hit the ground running right from the very first chapter where our main protagonists, Tina and James, are already logged on to the virtual reality world of FFO when the environment suddenly became real.  The story alternated between the two siblings' POVs as they both struggle with the brutal reality of survival with no inventory, no interface and hostile non-player characters who are no longer constrained by the rules of the game.  On top of that, of course, they can feel pain, get hurt and have a high chance of dying for real..." -TS Chan

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The Fantasy Inn

"...Overall, Rachel Aaron and Travis Bach have written an amazing story and a realistic LitRPG which deals really well with a number of different factors involved in gaming. They’ve created a great world with lots of interesting pieces of lore and filled it with realistic, well-developed characters. The stakes feel very real and from early on it’s evident just how much they stand to lose..." -Tamagodono

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Kelley Reviews

"...Overall I would definitely recommend this book. I devoured it and the pace was nonstop, there were no lulls, no real “stopping points” which made it so hard to put down! ..."

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The Monday Night Review

"TMR: Did you decide to each write one PoV character, or did you write both throughout? If the former, who wrote which?

Travis: While it so looks like I’m James and Rachel is Tina, that’s not the case. The split POV was chosen for story reasons. Starting out, it was too hard for one character to..."

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